Burn seasoned wood only – wood that has been cut into pieces and stacked out of the rain (with air circulation) for at least 9 months. If wood hisses or steams upon heating in the fire, it is wet or green and needs to be seasoned longer before burning


  • Clean out excessive ash if necessary but leave a bed of ash in the bottom of the woodstove
  • Prepare fire by stacking a few tightly screwed up pieces of newspaper, kindling, and smaller pieces of wood on top. Light the paper and once flaming, add larger pieces of wood
  • Operate with the draft/air control wide until engulfed with flames and burn for at least 20 minutes on high before closing down the air inlet. This applies each time a new load of wood is put into the fire
  • Adjust the draft/air control as necessary


  • Have the Flue cleaned and Fire inspected at least once a year
  • Check the inside of the Fire – If the bricks or baffles (up the top inside) are broken, or missing, renew these as soon as possible

Parts & Service

We are Stockists of Woodfire Parts

  • Bricks & Baffles
  • Fire Door and Glass Rope
  • Fire Door Glass & Retainers
  • Fire Sealant & Paint
  • Sundry: Door Handles, Smoke Detectors etc
  • Flue Clean & Fire Inspections